All I needed was a quick trim on the dragon lady nails before I did myself an injury…

not MY nails

As I walked up to the salon I was vaguely aware of a woman coming out the door. It’s harvest time* on the farm and the goal for the day was to get groceries to feed the harvest crew. (Husband, FIL, BIL, nephew and the occasional kid helping out on days off)  My brain was on the grocery list and getting home to unload before temps hit 100F.  I didn’t make it.

Back to the story. I reached the wide sidewalk running the length of the strip center and can hear the Ole Girl talking.  Ah, cell phone. Natural presumption right? She was ambling away from the salon door and was max ten feet away. I innocently looked over…

This woman, who I now realize was talking to herself had her RED SATIN DRAWS drooping down her legs!  DROOPING I tell you!  Like a toddler with a full diaper! One good breeze, or a step up and I would have known WAY too much about this woman.

I’m certain the Universe was trying to tell me something:

  1. Don’t do drugs.
  2. Don’t get the Brazilian.
  3. Don’t look over.

I’m leaning toward a #2 #3 combo.


Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

*Harvest meal posts on the horizon





Dooooonuts – And the REAL Wonder Women of WWI

There’s more to the story than free donuts… Established in 1938 to raise funds, National Donut Day is a remembrance and celebration of WWI Salvation Army “Lassies” and the many volunteers who have served thousands of soldiers. These Lassies provided meals, comfort and of course donuts to boost the morale of soldiers on the battlefield in 1917 France. Cooking in makeshift huts and even using the metal helmets as frying pots for the donuts.

As we drive through to snag our free donut, or munch popcorn in a women only viewing of the latest Marvel comic movie, let us remember the REAL Wonder Women who went to war without bullets, or super powers, or magic lassos, but carried with them compassion, gratitude and the mighty sphere of hope and home…the humble donut.

Read more about the “Doughnut Girls” and National Donut Day.


Do you have a favorite donut?  Are you a dunker? Sprinkles or plain? Custard or jelly filled?

I’m a cinnamon sugar cake gal, but I’ll take a chocolate glazed yeast if I have to. 😉


Happy Birthday Duke

I find it fitting that John Wayne’s birthday falls so close to Memorial Day. Wayne’s love and respect for the sacrifices of our men and women in the United States Military were ever present in his life and his art.

Remembered best as a cowboy, he was often a soldier or both. His portrayals always made us feel pride for our military, but never glossed over or glamorized the physical and emotional cost of service.

The Green Berets 1968

In celebration of The Duke’s Birthday and because Eden’s Fall MMC, Lucius is a BIG BIG fan. Here are some of Luc’s favorite personal quotes from John Wayne.**

Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday. – John Wayne’s headstone enscription


Bonus movie compilation!


** A sneak peak into Luc. 😉

Are you a fan? What’s your favorite John Wayne movie? Favorite quote or movie memory?

As You Wish

Anyone who has been following our blog, or knows us at all, will know we are adoring fans of The Princess Bride.  I have yet to find a situation or conversation where one cannot quote from this wonderful movie. Quotes even make a cameo in Eden’s Fall. Now THAT is twue wuv!

The Princess Bride inconceivably turns 30 this year and it remains the movie that taught every child born in the 1980s about the values of friendship, the nature of true love, and the great threat posed by Rodents Of Unusual Size.

This post over on Metro, by Robert Keeling perfectly explains the devotion.  I hope you enjoy the quotes and clips as much as I did.
Do you have a movie that sticks with you?  One you quote often? One you are shocked when you discover someone else hasn’t seen or worse has seen and doesn’t love as much as you do?
If you too are a Princess Bride fan – what’s your favorite quote?

Make Your Bed & Other Lessons

This morning one of our own graduated from college. We are so proud of you! Just three more to go in the SSS family!

I have no recollection of the message given by my commencement speaker. If I’m honest I don’t remember any speech from any graduation ceremony I ever attended.

I DO remember the remarks given by Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, ninth commander of U.S.Special Operations Command, in May 2014 at the University of Texas.

10 Life Lessons from Basic SEAL Training

1. If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.
“If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.”

2. If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.
“You can’t change the world alone—you will need some help— and to truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues, the good will of strangers and a strong coxswain to guide them.”

3. If you want to change the world, measure a person by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers.
“SEAL training was a great equalizer. Nothing mattered but your will to succeed. Not your color, not your ethnic background, not your education and not your social status.”

4. If you want to change the world get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward.
“Sometimes no matter how well you prepare or how well you perform you still end up as a sugar cookie*.”

*For failing the uniform inspection, the student [in Basic SEAL training] had to run, fully clothed into the surfzone and then, wet from head to toe, roll around on the beach until every part of your body was covered with sand.

The effect was known as a “sugar cookie.” You stayed in that uniform the rest of the day—cold, wet and sandy. There were many a student who just couldn’t accept the fact that all their effort was in vain. Those students didn’t understand the purpose of the drill: You were never going to succeed. You were never going to have a perfect uniform.

5. If you want to change the world, don’t be afraid of the circuses.
“Life is filled with circuses. You will fail. You will likely fail often. It will be painful. It will be discouraging. At times it will test you to your very core.”

6. If you want to change the world sometimes you have to slide down the obstacle head first.

7. If you want to change the world, don’t back down from the sharks.
“There are a lot of sharks in the world. If you hope to complete the swim you will have to deal with them.”

8. If you want to change the world, you must be your very best in the darkest moment.
“At the darkest moment of the mission—is the time when you must be calm, composed—when all your tactical skills, your physical power, and all your inner strength must be brought to bear.”

9. If you want to change the world, start singing when you’re up to your neck in mud.
“If I have learned anything in my time traveling the world, it is the power of hope. The power of one person—Washington, Lincoln, King, Mandela and even a young girl from Pakistan—Malala—one person can change the world by giving people hope.”

10. If you want to change the world don’t ever, ever ring the bell.

“In SEAL training there is a bell. A brass bell that hangs in the center of the compound for all the students to see. All you have to do to quit—is ring the bell. Ring the bell and you no longer have to wake up at 5 o’clock. Ring the bell and you no longer have to do the freezing cold swims. Ring the bell and you no longer have to do the runs, the obstacle course, the PT—and you no longer have to endure the hardships of training. Just ring the bell. If you want to change the world don’t ever, ever ring the bell.”

Genuine Original Imitation Inspiration

Sounds like someone is about to introduce you to a “Magic Elixir” doesn’t it?

Historical interpreter Ross Nelson as “Professor Thaddeus Schmidlap,” resident snake-oil salesman at the Enchanted Springs Ranch and Old West theme park, in Boerne, Texas. Credit: Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons.

In any creative endeavor, it’s easy to believe “it’s all been done”. And then you stumble across an idea, image, a song that is so familiar you ignored it, until someone changed the context and suddenly it’s not the same.

Last week I had a stumble. I have appreciated the harmonies, musical talent and prolific song writing of Simon & Garfunkel, but the music didn’t touched me. Their songs never wove themselves into my personal soundtrack.  I can say the same for 99% of Heavy Metal.  But put them together**…

And THIS fan of a little bit country, little bit pop, the hair of 80s rock and a whole lot of Sinatra and Mowtown is fixated on the monitor for hours, crying because suddenly I’m HEARING the music.

If the performance alone doesn’t move you….put it on ice!

Have you ever listened to a piece of music, read a book, tasted a dish or seen a piece of art that when presented in a new way you “get it”??  Tell us about your stumbles in the comments.

**For a different perspective on Disturbed’s cover of The Sound of Silence, here is an article from April 2016 by Richard S. He.

April 28, 2017

Apparently her response to Earth Day was –  “Hold my beer.”  In parts of the country it’s already snowing and we are expecting temps in the 20s by Sunday.

I rushed home from another day in the substitute teacher trenches. OK, more like five hours, and a sixty-seven degree room isn’t exactly the beach at Normandy. Then there was a quick – really quick a trip to get my cracked nail fixed and a run by SAMs for brunch making supplies for Confirmation Sunday – The Bishop is coming we gotta make it nice.  But it is cold, windy and I thought I heard Munchkins humming.

The “mostly rush” was to protect and defend the flora. So with wind whipping my hair around my head and drizzles of rain spatter running into my ears and blurring my glasses. I fortified my lovey peony bushes with makeshift covers of fencing, rebar, an old tomato cage  and old sheets.

Next was to rescue as many Iris blooms as possible.  While I will miss them in the yard, my house smells purple – YES, purple has a smell is this is it. Trust me.

I waved goodbye to my lone lovely Johnny Jump-up. “Good night Johnny, You’ll most likely be dead by Sunday.”

Despite my grousing, my beauties are not the most vulnerable to Nature’s whims.  Across the country farmers are looking out windows and driving around farms wondering if they will have wheat harvest to harvest in June.  Tender shoots just breaking free to produce tons of grain that feed millions could be lost.  Have you ever had vegetables freeze in the crisper?  Imagine acres and acres of rotting wheat after the predicted cold.

My flowers will bloom again, these crops won’t fare so well.  Remember their stewards and pray for a reprieve.




Adventures in Subbing

No…not that! But I’ll pin that topic under “Literature” for another day.

In case there was any doubt about my feelings on that Best Seller. *wipes sarcasm & envy off the keyboard*

Today I’m the substitute Art teacher!!  Free draw and movies!

Remember movie day???

or this…

Filling in for those called to these careers – and it is a calling – gives me the opportunity to see teacher friends outside of church even if it’s just passing in the hall to say “how are you?”. It forces me to get organized with clothes, meals and domestic goddess duties all of which I pretty much do “whenever” when it’s just another day on the farm.  (note to self, get your delicates hug up this evening) I get to be around kids, and as much as they CAN suck the energy out of you, sometimes the joy of coloring and existing and laughing at everything is contagious. And the big one…cash in the kitty for editors and covers and retreats…Oh my!

I have no horror stories about sub teaching.  Never had a kid loose his lunch or pass out – both happened to a friend here Monday.  The worst I’ve had is “we did that yesterday” to get out of assignments.  Child please! I invented that one forty years ago.

The best way to describe subbing is much like moderating a online forum dominated by hormonal women. **


There’s the bell. Conference time over. Fifth grade on their way. Oldham County Round-up t-t-shirt designing happening in this class. This is a fun project and a bit sentimental, Kate won the design contest several years ago. Maybe I’ll dazzle them with my stick figures! I draw with words not pencils.


What did you do on sub-teacher days?


**GBGALS to whom I will be forever grateful for strangers who became friends who became sisters.

A Good, Good Friday

For many Easter ends days of fast and abstinence and represents the core of our faith. Others welcome in a season of renewal or prepare for one of rest.

May you all know ultimate and unconditional love. I dug through the boxes to share some of mine.

L-R– JSB – 18mos, Kate – 2 1/2yrs, JSB – 2 1/2yrs & Kate – 8mos




Friday Fitness & Important Stuff

My weekly update on last week’s Tighten & Tone Challenge.

These moves were actually more difficult that I imagined.  Sixty seconds is a LONG flippin time in a plank. Especially if one has not been doing them.

I modified and held the planks -holding form as long as possible, resting, then holding again until I had an accumulated 60 seconds.  I’ll have the full minute by the end of Week 2!


No significant change in arms, thighs or bust.  However…

Waist: -1/2″

Weight: -2lbs

Along with the body weight moves, I have tried to get in 10K steps with Stella.  You can follow our mostly daily walks on Instagram.

Even snuck 1.5 miles last night in the hotel fitness center.

I can hear you asking about the black braided bracelet nest to my FitBit.

This is a totem of sorts, a reminder of a modern scourge.  Human trafficking.

The human trafficking industry is one of the most devastating inhumanities in the world today, and it it growing. Every year 1.2 million children are trafficked, and it is  estimated that there are 21-30 million slaves in the world today–more than any time in history.

Throughout the developing world, children are cast aside by poverty, war, and the destruction of families.  Orphaned, abandoned, and abused children often become drug addicts, prostitutes, or succumb to disease and violence.*

My bracelet was woven by a young woman rescued by Tiny Hands International.  The black band represents the darkness and bondage of trafficking. The stone represents (my) “adopted girl” and its golden color represents God’s light of hope. My girl is Mira. She is one of hundreds rescued each year by Tiny Hands, given a safe place to live, work and heal after her enslavement.

There are, sadly, many organizations fighting this modern plague.  Ashton Kutcher’s THORN has successfully rescued over 6,000 children using technology to track, rescue and prevent abduction, trafficking and exploitation.

No modern nation is without the stain of slavery in it’s history. We learned, and evolved, bled and died to end this tragedy of human existence, and yet it persists often claiming the most vulnerable in it’s clutches.

As refugees flee war torn homelands, they are easy prey for those willing to profit from the misery of others.  But those intent on evil aren’t confined to the refugee camps and slums of countries half a world away.  Everyday, right here in our own cocoon of safety predators lurk, waiting to strike.

Most recently there have been two stories in the headlines and on social media. There was the flight attendant who spotted a young woman on her flight.

This last week the story of a young mother in an furniture store who noticed two men stalking her and her young children was all over social media.

What can we do?

  • Raise awareness by sharing information
  • Learn the signs
  • Support rescue/prevention organizations in our communities
  • Develop personal awareness of potential dangers
  • Support law enforcement efforts to apprehend and prosecute offenders

For more information on Human Trafficking prevention and rescue, here are three organizations

Tiny Hands International


North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking