About Us

We are three friends who have grown close over the past few years of writing collaboratively online purely for the love of bringing to life the characters and stories inhabiting our minds and for the love of the fictional worlds each has created.

As often as possible we get together in some part of the country to brainstorm ideas, eat fabulous food, drink (and INVENT) exotic cocktails, peel and share layers of our lives and immensely enjoy each others’ company. We have based our characters and story lines in New York City so we make an annual pilgrimage to the City to “research” restaurants, clubs and other sites that make an appearance in our writing. Someone has to do it.

At one of our “workshops” in the Spring of 2012, we explored the idea of collaborating on and publishing a series of novels based on work we’ve done over the past three years. Each writer and her protagonists will take the lead in each novel. The other two writers will contribute their characters in supporting roles. These parallel efforts will — we hope — keep us all focused, inspired, motivated and WRITING. Not to mention make our stories multi-layered and more compelling to our future readers.

Keep an eye on our Random Acts of Fiction page — we will be posting excerpts from the new series there and, possibly, short fiction that we peck out from time to time.

We welcome your feedback and comments on all of our posts, fictional and otherwise. Let us know what you think!

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I love collective projects : )

  2. What a fantastic concept!!! …I hope it goes well for you all.

  3. lynnkelleyauthor said:

    I love collaborating, too. Under the pen name BBH McChiller, two writer friends wrote the first books in a children’s spooky, fun mystery series. One has decided to stop working on the series, but we all remain close friends. We all live close enough that we were able to meet one to three times a week at Starbucks or restaurants. Best times ever! Doing research and brainstorming together is awesome.

    I love that you’re all able to meet and travel and work together. Best of luck with your novels!

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