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Or It Takes A Village To Ace Entomology 101.  Winter/Spring semester is not the ideal time for insect collecting, a task I haven’t done since 9th grade! And if the odd fly does manage to survive and buzz my house, preserving the specimen is not high on the list.


Easter snow keeps the little creepy crawlies out of sight so while the younger Collegian (Kate) is in warmer climes finding lady bugs and beetles a plenty, Mom & Dad are dipping old kitchen strainers into cattle troughs and delicately applying super glue to a dried out shell of a dragon fly – correction, that’s a skimmer I was informed last night. (Found in tact while cleaning the garage during skunk removal)

We’ve tuned a corner of the utility room into a Entomology lab with collection jars, specimen vials, pins,  I even purchased a sewing light with magnifying glass so these old eyes can see where to pin. A rather impressive collection to send back to school don’t you think?


(Even more impressive is managing to get this posted as my computer is gasping for breath.)

Parenting…or “Humaning” often means doing something that once would have made our skin crawl. Maybe my next assist will be for the communications major. Have you ever overcome a high creepy factor for a good cause?