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If you haven’t heard, it’s almost November.

Family gatherings, Black Friday sales, term paper deadlines…child’s play.  National Novel Writing Month approaches, breathing down the neck of the headless horseman.

nanowrimo_0OK, OK, it’s not that bad. It’s exciting and fun.  There are probably thousands of blogs, books and social media posts discussing the trials and triumphs of NaNoWriMo.  Honestly, I wanted to be in the mosh pit too. So here goes my list of NaNo lessons:

  • 1667 is NOT magic….it’s just average. The average number of words per day to meet the 50K challenge.
  • 1667 is NOT the daily maximum or minimum. We are not Forrest Gump. A stadium of people won’t scream STOP if we type 1668 words….in fact it’s best if the words are flowing to let them, because some days are 67 word days.
  • 67 word days are OK!!
  • 50K words is a certifiable WIN….you get a certificate!!  25K words is also a win. Only zero words written is a fail.
  • November 30, is NOT the stop writing date. If 50K isn’t reached by 11/30, we are allowed to write on December 1.   Freaky how that works.
  • if 50K IS reached, there will be some folks who don’t get what an accomplishment that is. But there are thousands who do.
  • If 50K isn’t reached, the world doesn’t end. The sun comes up. I’m still here to try again this year.
  •  Lastly…there is always next year if, like me, you REALLY like certificates.

Creativity fuels creativity. ANY endeavor that hones our craft is worth the effort. Good luck!


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